Welter Consulting Joins Formal Strategic Alliance with Top Community Brands Business Partners

By August 30, 2021Uncategorized

Broader reach, greater access, and expanded networks gives this company a renewed sense of love for their mission

Welter Consulting LLC today announced that their company has joined a formal strategic alliance with four top Community Brands Business Partners including ProSoft Solutions, 1st Choice Advisors, Software Simplified, and Whittlesey Forward Advising. This strategic decision was made to further Welter’s commitment: to find customers the most affordable technology, the most powerful solution, and provide expert support.

This alliance gives Welter Consulting clients access to a greater capacity, bandwidth, and coverage while also furthering the geographical reach of those services. With a wide range of product expertise, the alliance can support clients with an impressive variety of technology needs from accounting, to networking, to hosting. It also includes increased availability for fundraising, HR, timekeeping, procurement, budgeting and forecasting, banking integration, and much more.  Clients will also have expanded access to conferences, user groups, and training opportunities.

“I went into this business because I care about my clients’ outcomes,” said Vicki Welter, Founder of Welter Consulting LLC, “I want to be a part of helping them carry out their unique goals and missions: this alliance will better equip me to achieve that.” 

With expanded communication, increased influence with Community Brands, Welter said, “As an organization, we have a renewed love for our jobs because of this expanded team environment.”

Now with easy and available access to the BDO Network, and additional expertise in any area that encompasses accounting, audit, technology, and cyber security, Welter Consulting clients have a local, highly-skilled solution at their fingertips.