Recruit and train new talent to help further your mission.

Recruiting Software for Community Brands MIP

Visibility Software is an affordable and scalable cloud-based applicant tracking and training management solution that integrates with MIP or works as a standalone solution.

Visibility Software’s Cyber Recruiter provides integration to help MIP users efficiently manage the recruiting and onboarding process for new employees and volunteers. The Cyber Train module seamlessly manages training requirements.

Visibility Software Highlights

  • Transfer applicant hiring records seamlessly from Cyber Recruiter into MIP Fund Accounting HR Management Suite with real-time integration.
  • Eliminate paper and long, manual steps from your recruiting and onboarding process.
  • Get more time back in your day to focus on finding the top talent you need to fill important roles.
  • Manage employee and volunteer training requirements with Cyber Train, a powerful training management platform.
  • Eliminate manual processes with Cyber Train and spend more time developing and retaining your workforce.

Expect the Best with Welter Consulting & Visibility Software

  • Experienced nonprofit executives and software engineers set you up for success.
  • Implementation methods that help you get the most out of your software solution.
  • Integration means you never have to compromise on efficiency.
  • Long-term support is our business which makes you our most important priority.

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