College Success Foundation Soars with Welter Consulting and MIP

“We feel confident that we’re in a much better position now to achieve our goal of serving more students by 2030,” said Sarah. “We used to say 20,000 by 2030. Now I’m confident we could serve 30,000 by 2030 with our newly configured Abila MIP system.”

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fund accounting for healthcareWelter Consulting and Abila MIP™ Brings Fund Accounting Health to MCHC

“Welter’s cross training brought cohesiveness and open communication between departments that we’ve never had before. The joint training cleared up the confusion and provided clarity for our processes and people.”

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nonprofit accounting auditPAVE Sails Through Nonprofit Accounting Audit with Welter Consulting Software and Services

“Welter Consulting has a deep knowledge of Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ and the nonprofit world. It’s this unique combination and expertise that gives us everything we need to support our organization and its mission.”

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Fund Accounting SolutionWelter Consulting Provides Fund Accounting Solution for Northwest Christian Schools with Abila MIP™

“The Welter staff consistently replies to our questions and takes time to work with us when there is an issue. They are stellar accountants and CPA’s which is a tremendous benefit.”

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