Software Support Plan

Our version of a live, in-person help desk.

Call or email when you need help with MIP. We’ll help at that moment or get back to you as soon as possible. Typically support calls are quickly resolved over the phone or may require a “I-see-your-workstation-screen” connection to resolve.

Our support plan is not in lieu of regular staff training nor a replacement for the technical software support provided by MIP.

Our support plan is for that moment in the middle of writing checks and, for some reason, the check numbers are out of sequence. Or, you’re not sure how to post a cash transaction across two months. Or, in the payroll module, you have to void a payroll check in a quarter that has already been closed for tax reporting purposes. These are not technical problems with the software or a lack of training. You just need a bit of help to stay on track and get the job done.

Welter Consulting versus MIP Support Plans

The annual MIP Support and Maintenance plan is focused on the MIP Fund Accounting software itself, technical issues users can encounter with the software (bugs or glitches) and software installation help and support. Welter Consulting’s support plan is focused on supporting you as users of the software by helping you understand best practices of recording transactions in the software to ensure compliance with all stakeholders when reporting those transactions.

The Welter Consulting support plan differentiates itself from MIP’s support in that we know you, your staff, the structure of your MIP database, your processes and many of the reports you generate on a routine basis. This knowledge helps us quickly zero in on identifying the problem and how to resolve it. We also have years of CPA-level experience with nonprofit accounting, compliance reporting and audit support to help ensure the work is being done correctly and efficiently.

Support Plan Details

If we are unable to answer your question or provide assistance immediately, we’ll make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours (including weekends). If your situation requires help from the MIP tech staff, we’ll contact them on your behalf. We can also follow up on the support cases you’ve submitted directly to MIP tech support.

Support plan subscriptions are on an annual basis, January through December.

Your organization must be “aligned” with Welter Consulting, from MIP’s point of view, in order to enroll in our support plan (I can explain with a quick phone call or email). It’s a quick and easy process to make the change and we’ll help with the paperwork.

As mentioned above, our support plan is not a substitute for formal training on the MIP system and its components. Staff members using the Welter Consulting support plan and calling for assistance must have participated in formal training from either Welter Consulting or another MIP partner in a classroom or one-on-one setting.


Welter Consulting support plan subscribers also receive:

  • 20% Discount on our webinars and user conferences, Including unlimited post-class follow-up remote assistance
  • Free Year-End Training for 1099, W2s, and 1095s for as many users as you’d like from your organization.
  • Access to all custom training guides for MIP Fund Accounting
  • Free annual system review
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours by
    • Free support that is done via email reply or remote connection

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