Tribal Organizations Turn to Welter Consulting

iStock_000025770792LargeNative American Tribal organizations have complex financial accounting needs.  Understanding those needs, Welter Consulting knows that Native American Tribal Councils, Education, and Healthcare organizations require solutions that address the financial tracking and reporting necessary for these tribal entities.

Abila software (formerly Sage Fund Accounting, MIP) has been used by Native American Tribal organizations for almost three decades. “The software has a great reputation among Native American Tribal organizations for good reasons,” said Vicki Welter, founder of Welter Consulting LLC.  “Abila’s Chart of Account structure makes it easy for Finance Directors to track multiple organizations within the tribe, address multiple fiscal years and cross fiscal year reporting, and provide the Council and other stakeholders comprehensive financial statements and reports.”

Abila Fund Accounting is used by over 8,000 nonprofit and government organizations.  Abila Fund Accounting has won multiple Campbell Awards for its feature set and customer satisfaction.

Welter Consulting helps Native American Tribal Organization purchase, implement and get the most from Abila Fund Accounting. Clients have their choice of custom onsite training, classroom training, or online web-based training to ensure staff members gain proficiency on the software.

Welter Consulting is headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington and serves Native American tribes as well as nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.