MIP Fund Accounting Is Back

The truth is – MIP Fund Accounting never really left.  It has gone through several name changes.  The terrific fund accounting software that we all know as MIP has had at least three different names in the last five years:  Sage MIP Fund Accounting, Sage 100 Fund Accounting, and Abila Fund Accounting.

This has been due to company changes in ownership and brand.  The good news is that the same dedicated team that develops and supports MIP Fund Accounting has remained intact and committed to the software.  So even as the product is transforming for the future, with subscription and hosted modules, new mobile functionality and new enhancements to the current modules, continuing efforts to make the software increasingly easier to use – the company Abila is going back to its roots and is bring back the name we have been using in the field.

Welcome back MIP!

The History of MIP Fund Accounting from Abila on Vimeo.