Key Benefits of AI-Powered Software for Nonprofits

By October 19, 2023Nonprofit
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You can’t turn on the news or open a website without seeing headlines about AI. When Microsoft unveiled ChatGPT in November of 2022, they brought the world of generative AI to the public’s attention.

But behind the scenes, AI has been quietly enhancing software for decades. You’ve been using it well before Microsoft shared ChatGPT. If you’ve used Microsoft PowerPoint and clicked “Design Suggestions,” that function is powered by AI. So too are many common applications from grammar checkers to text completion tools embedded in our smartphones.

New software is now being released that contains multiple AI features. If you are shopping for new software or looking to update your existing systems, consider using platforms in which AI is incorporated for automation, data and analytics, and customer service or omnichannel support.

AI for Nonprofit Software: Automation, Data and Analytics, and Customer Service

If you are exploring new software purchases, upgrades, or integrations, consider seeking platforms that incorporate either automation or data and analytics tools, driven by AI. Additionally, customer service functions, such as omnichannel call center support with AI powered bots, can drastically improve customer satisfaction, and reduce hold and wait times for busy call centers.

AI Automation Tools

AI-enabled automation tools automate many common and repetitive tasks, such as sending invoices and reminders or routing information to relevant stakeholders. If correctly set up within a system, such automation can take over many tasks for accounting, marketing, operations, and human resources.

The time-savings benefits can be calculated in hours saved and then used for more creative tasks. For example, by automating an email send, the marketing team can turn their attention to crafting new donor emails. This may also enable you to do more with your existing staff rather than to add more positions, yet another cost savings.

Data and Analytics Tools

AI has always been useful in big data. It excels at analyzing massive amounts of data. Within nonprofit software, AI-powered data and analytics tools can analyze data in real-time. This enables teams to respond swiftly to changing conditions. It also enhances an organization’s ability to analyze activities and gain valuable business insights.

Where does data come from for AI-powered data and analytics tools? Customer data, or donor data, is one area that often produces vast amounts of data waiting for analytics. Think of donor activity, response to advertising campaigns, and so on. With the right tools at your disposal, you can analyze campaigns almost in the moment, and make changes to boost response rates. Customer service data can be analyzed to spot problematic areas and take corrective action. The areas where data can be used to improve service and delivery of programs are huge. AI-powered data and analytics tools, embedded within existing nonprofit software, can put such functions within the reach of any nonprofit.

Multichannel Call Center Support

Another area where AI software shines is in call center support. AI bots have been used for many years and continue to improve with the adoption of natural language processing and large data models. Unlike the impersonal bots of old, newer software can be integrated with existing customer service information to produce customized responses. SMS, or text-based customer service responses, are also available, enabling customers to contact organizations in any manner they choose.

AI for All

Customers encounter AI-powered bots in many areas of their lives, from the local utility company to their favorite ecommerce shop. Younger generations prefer to interact with bots to get responses to frequently asked questions. Adding AI powered tools to your organization is a natural step for growing nonprofits serious about digital transformation, whether they are included in the accounting package you choose or added as part of a customer relationship management or donor relationship management solutions.

The key to successfully choosing and using AI solutions is working with a vendor well-versed in this technology who also understands nonprofit environments. With such consultant by your side, you’ll be steered in the right direction to software that offers room for growth and improvement without being too big to handle.

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