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Nonprofit Quarterly Payroll Reconciliation

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Here are the slides from the Nonprofit Enrichment Series presentation ‘Quarterly Payroll Reconciliation:  Key Steps to Ensure W2/W3’s are Accurate’  that was held on April 9, 2015.  Be sure to join us for future sessions of the Nonprofit Enrichment Series.

Scroll down for form to download Excel templates.

Payroll Reconciliation Templates


Grant Management Benefits [video]

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How Grant Management could help your nonprofit organization.

Join us February 12, 2015 for ‘Grant Management Software Solutions’ part of the Nonprofit Enrichment Series. Register here.

Welter Consulting assists Washington nonprofits and nonprofit organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest find, and implement software solutions like Grant Management to help their organizations fulfill their mission and serve their constituents.

Nonprofits are constantly confronting increasingly complex grant requirements.  Grant management software can assist your organization in managing the entire grant cycle, from discovering new sources of funding to integrating with your fund accounting solution to measure the outcomes of grants, programs, projects and departments.

If grant management by email and spreadsheets is becoming more difficult to manage, it’s time to find the right tools and technology to empower your team.

Abila Grant Management is a powerful solution that can be used as a standalone system but becomes even more powerful when integrated with Abila Fund Accounting.    You’ll be equipped to track, manage and automate the various stages of the grant cycle.  When integrated with the powerful reporting of Abila Fund Accounting, your reports will be accurate, easy to create and to the specifications of the funder.

Grant Management Software Solutions – Topic of February Nonprofit Enrichment Series

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February’s Nonprofit Enrichment Series will focus on the topic of Grant Management Software and how it can help position your nonprofit organization to win more grant awards.

Please join us online February 12, 2015 at 9:00am Pacific for ‘Grant Management Software Solutions’.
Register here

Choosing the right software solution for your organization can directly increase future funding.

Grant ManagementGrant Management software can help your organization share funding goals and objectives, reporting deadlines, fundraising budgets and allowable costs and indirect rates. Track all contact information and key funding data to allow your organization to know what is due with current funding sources and where we stand with all funding that we have applied for.

This software works directly with MIP Fund Accounting or can work stand-alone with any accounting package. Abila Grant Management software enables you to increase grant funding by optimizing operations, allowing your agency to better utilize its resources. Join this webinar to learn more about Abila software and how Welter Consulting can guide you through the whole process.

Free for nonprofit organizations – you may register here.

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Vicki Welter, CPA has helped nonprofit organizations in Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming and throughout the Western United States select and implement Fund Accounting, Fundraising, Grant Management and other software solutions. Vicki is a member of the Washington Society of CPAs and the Washington State Nonprofit Association.

Best Practices for Year End 1099 Reporting

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Year End Best PracticesAs part of the Nonprofit Enrichment Series, “Best Practices for Year End 1099 Reporting’ will be presented by Vicki Welter, CPA on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.

Best Practices for Year End 1099 Reporting

January 20, 2015 8-9am
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Keeping up with the changes in tax regulation from year to year can be challenging! This 60 minute webinar details the information necessary for accurate 1099 reporting including: IRS requirements and penalties; when to use the 1099-Misc. form; and changes and current processing rules. We will also demonstrate streamlining advantages and tips for processing 1099’s with common non-profit accounting software like MIP Fund Accounting.

Best Practices for Year End 1099 Reporting is part of Welter Consulting’s Nonprofit Enrichment Series.

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