Special Discount on Advanced Security for MIP Fund Accounting

By June 18, 2014Abila

Discount of 20% off Advanced Security for MIP Fund Accounting through June 30, 2014.

Focus on changing lives instead of worrying about changing passwords

Accountability and transparency is critical for nonproiStock_000027442123XSmallfits and government organizations. Fraud can do lasting damage to your reputation and your bottom line. Abila Advanced Security for MIP Fund Accounting has features that allow you to focus on what matters most. This month, ensure your peace of mind by adding the Advanced Security module and receive 20% off.

With Advanced Security module, you can:

  • Record system activity at the user and workstation level, including recording activities that originate outside the system.
  • Select the account level at which to enforce security, and then assign permissions at the individual or group level.
  • Ensure the security of data by limiting access to designated accounts, thereby eliminating errors and improving control, while still maintaining productivity.
  • Limit reporting to accounts relevant to the viewer and allow program managers or department heads to monitor their own budgets without exposing competing budgets.
  • Reduce demands for reports while still ensuring accuracy, timeliness and confidentiality by granting reporting and inquiry access to managers across your organization.

Welter Consulting can help you take advantage of this incredible offer – please contact us to get started.