10 Essential Keys to Effectively Engage Clients in E-Learning

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As nonprofit professionals, it’s imperative to endlessly observe your member experience and reflect on ways to improve your processes. Here are 10 keys to enhancing your E-Learning to better engage your users.

KEY 1: Get to know your members: What do your members value in educational programs? If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to find out. Get to know their generational and career stage preferences, technology comfort levels, content interests, and more.

KEY 2: Enhance member benefits: Nearly half of all association members who responded to Abila MIP’s™ Member Professional Development Study want a combined, all-in-one option for membership and education. Yet, less than one-third of organizations report having this type of offering. Consider ways to bundle and personalize your membership and education to meet your learners’ needs.

KEY 3: Attract young professionals: With Millennials representing the largest generation in the workforce, having a strategy to attract, engage, and retain them as members is crucial. Millennials want to learn new skills and advance in their careers, so creating programs that cater to these needs will help associations deepen their relationships with this group.

KEY 4: Personalize your learning: Apply what you learn about your members, and deliver the content and communication that keeps them coming back. Content is the single most important driver for why members choose an educational offering over another. Use your data to deliver a personalized learning experience to your members.

KEY 5: Wrap it in a bow: Make the buying process easy for your members with creative and strategic opportunities for them to access your content. Create packages of on-demand programs or a webinar series, or allow users to curate their learning experience with a create-your-own program bundle.

KEY 6: Blend the distribution: We learned that members still use a variety of learning formats for their education. To cater to the different preferences, vary your methods of content delivery and offer multiple mediums for your programs. This will ensure you meet the needs of all your members.

KEY 7: Get the bang for your buck: Offering multiple mediums does not have to be hard. Leverage the content you’ve already created. Take your in-person event and webcast it. Following the event, sell the recording as a whole or  in segments with on-demand and podcast offerings. Don’t forget you can rebroadcast the program as well!

KEY 8: Make it easy: Finding the right technology remains a challenge for organizations, with only one-third or fewer saying they are “very satisfied” with their systems. Finding a system that integrates, has a simple user flow, and offers options for live and on-demand learning content can make for a seamless experience for your users and staff.

KEY 9: Engage your audience: Holding a learner’s attention can be difficult, with most saying they start to lose interest after one hour,. Incorporating interactive elements into your programming, such as polling and chat, can help to keep your members engaged.

KEY 10: Offer certification (Professional Development): Earning certification and maintaining a license is one of the top reasons members seek professional development. Make sure your course and credit offerings meet the needs of your market. If you aren’t in a career that requires a license, consider creating your own certification program.

To learn more about each key and how Abila clients are putting them into action, check out the 10 Keys to Enhancing the eLearning Experience whitepaper.

Welter Consulting

Welter Consulting bridges people and technology together for effective solutions for nonprofit organizations. We offer software and services that can help you with your accounting needs. Please contact Welter Consulting at 206-605-3113 for more information.

Personalized Training Plans Offer More Meaningful Professional Development

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CPAs, like other professionals, need an additional 40 hours of continuing education units annually to maintain their certification. Even if your industry does not require taking continuing education courses, everyone benefits from refresher courses and keeping abreast of changes and developments in their industry.

There is great value to designing a personalized plan for continuing professional development. These plans build a customized training roadmap for individuals, so that instead of taking a prescribed set of courses to meet your continuing education requirements, you create your own curriculum. Here’s why they work.

The Benefits of Personalized Professional Development Plans

  1. Relevant: Personalized course plans are highly relevant. They take into consideration your currently level of skills, interests, and needs, as well as those of your employer or company. You can choose the courses that are right for you and fit your personal learning goals.
  2. Flexible: You choose when you wish to take the courses, creating a plan that lets you take courses on the weekends, at night, or even during your lunch hour. You aren’t locked into a set schedule.
  3. Higher completion rate: Because the courses in your personalized plan are relevant and on a schedule that meets your needs, they tend to have a higher completion rate than other courses.
  4. More feedback and interaction: Some personal development plans include interaction with a mentor or trainer, providing more personalized feedback and interaction from the one to one mentoring.
  5. Noticeable difference: Personal plans offer you the added bonus of being able to identify specific goals to work towards. You can document progress toward your goals through milestones and checkpoints. Not only does this help you achieve them, it also helps you see both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture. You can see just how far you’ve come.

Does Personalized Professional Development Stand Alone?

Most companies blend both personalized development with general professional development activities,  offering both the benefits of personalization and group interaction that’s valuable for team building and shared knowledge.

Why Professional Development Matters

Lifelong learning is important for all professions. While we tend to think of professional development for teachers, accountants, financial managers, others benefit from continually sharpening their skills.

Professions change over time. New governmental and IRS regulations, for example, may change how accountants and financial planners manage specific tasks and functions. Yes, you can read about these changes in professional journals or online bulletins from the managing organizations, but in some cases, in-depth professional development through workshops, conferences, or classes may be the best way to completely understand something new.

Technology is changing how CPAs manage data, how sales and marketing professionals do their jobs, and how human resources managers organize their files. By taking additional professional development courses in technology-enhanced areas, you’ll be able to maximize the use of such  developments to create a stronger, better organization.

Welter Consulting

Welter Consulting bridges people and technology together for effective solutions for nonprofit organizations. We offer software and services that can help you with your accounting needs. Please contact Welter Consulting at 206-605-3113 for more information.

Now Offering HR & EWS (MIP Fund Accounting) Online Training!

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Online Training

HR Management (MIP Fund Accounting) Online Training

Those attending this class will gain an understanding of:

  • How to use and set-up employees in the HR system and all the utilities to make HR tracking easy including FMLA, tax form population and tracking, EEO Reporting and much, much, more
  • Mass Update feature in HR and options to reduce manual entries and adjustments such as COLA increases, leave balance adjustments and more
  • The differences between Queries and Reports in the HR module and discover how to properly use the custom report writing utility
  • Help the payroll department to streamline their processes by making updates and changes to employee information directly from within the Human Resources module, including ability to schedule pay raises, review dates and benefit plan adjustments
  • Track employee data easily and efficiently including certification/credential, education, review dates, and benefit plan adjustments
  • How to streamline workflows throughout your organization utilizing the proper functionality of the HR module for successful integration between EWS and the Payroll module

$400 Per Person or $320 Per Person if on Welter User Support Plan. If three or more people register and attend then take an additional $30 off each registration. (If three or more people register and attend then price is $360 per person or $280 per person if on Welter User Support Plan.)

Register Here


EWS (MIP Fund Accounting) Online Training

Those attending this class will gain an understanding of:

  • The set-up of Employee Web Services (EWS) module so that information (tracking timekeeping, expense reimbursements, leave requests and/or leave entry) flows directly to payroll and eventually the general ledger, without manual intervention.  We will review the set-up for EWS system settings that is stored on the server.
  • Manager approval and employee submission/approval process for electronic timesheets.  We will also review the manager reporting process, pivot tables and available custom reports specific to your organization.
  • Many timesheet entry preferences are available including the option to record hours by multiple cost centers, streamlining timesheet entry
  • Reduce or eliminate requests for information by providing employees and managers with 24/7 self-service web access to their pay stub, timesheet entries, expense reports, benefit information and other important employee messages
  • Employee Web Services provides a seamless and secure integration between the Human Resources and Payroll modules for a completely integrated solution, freeing Human Resources personnel from requests for information.

$300 Per Person or $240 Per Person if on Welter User Support Plan. If three or more people register and attend then take an additional $30 off each registration. (If three or more people register and attend then price is $270 per person or $210 per person if on Welter User Support Plan.)

Register Here

Seattle – Abila MIP Fund Accounting 2 Day Classroom Training – General Ledger Core Modules: $1,100pp ($880pp if on Support Plan)

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Three options available!

February 22, 2016 @ 8:30 am – February 23, 2016 @ 4:00 pm  Register Here

May 23, 2016 @ 8:30 am – May 24, 2016 @ 4:00 pm  Register Here

September 19, 2016 @ 8:30 am – September 20, 2016 @ 4:00 pm  Register Here


Those attending this class will gain an understanding of:

• Transaction entry screens and the purpose of each form throughout the core modules (GL, A/P, A/R Reporting, EFT for A/P module,    Import/Export, Forms Designer, Bank Reconciliation)
• Overview of the report writer (set-up, review and reconciliation)
• Bank reconciliation, month-end reports and closing process
• Best practices for memorizing documents, recurring entries, entry defaults, batch processing, reclassifying posted documents, etc
• Overview of the admin module and most commonly used features (user set-up, electronic attachments and back up)
• Review set-up vendors, customers, chart of accounts and distribution codes

Class held from 8:30 to 4:00 daily 
Free parking (check in at front desk upon arrival)
Breakfast, snacks & beverages served all day (lunch on your own – a list of restaurants and directions will be provided or you can bring your lunch)
Individual workstation and class materials are provided for each student
Complimentary WiFi
Bring examples of reports or specific issues you have, to discuss/resolve in class
6 hours of CPE for each day and completion certificate provided to each student
Minimum of 4 attendees to hold each class. When minimum attendance is met, you will receive a confirmation email & invoice to remit payment
In the event of cancellation from low attendance, communication will be sent via email, no later than 2 weeks prior to the class date, which will include alternative options
Cancellation policy requires written notice be emailed to two full weeks in advance of the class date for full refund. If cancellation is necessary within 2 weeks of class date, a credit will be issued to your organization for full amount if minimum attendance was met or 50% of registration fee to use against future training by anyone at the organization
Out of town guests should wait to book travel until class is confirmed

Computer Classrooms in Seattle
10604 NE 38th Pl #118
Kirkland, WA 98033